Playing Overseas

2-Hour Video Conference


What: A “How to” Guide for playing Overseas Basketball




BIG3 Player Mike Taylor, the first NBA Player drafted from the D-League


Bnei Herzliya Basketball Team Co-Owner Michael Chamblain, author of Sports Management 


Where: ZOOM video conferences


When: Thursday, June 11th from 1pm-3pm (EST) 


How: Participants can register here.






Is your NCAA career nearing its end? Do you dream of playing basketball for a living? Where do you start? Who do you contact? What do you do? For college basketball players who have never been to another country or don’t know anyone who has played professionally overseas, this process can seem intimidating. At this point in your career, you know if you have the skills to play in the NBA or WNBA. For most college basketball players who want to continue their basketball career, playing internationally in some of the most competitive overseas markets is a viable next step. The Pro Associates is here to help players make that next step. 


Course Curriculum


Module One


Culture Shock, Playing Conditions, and Expectations


Module Two:


(Including a Breakout Session with Mike Taylor) 


Highlight Videos, Landing a Sports Agent, and Contracts


Module Three:


(Including a Breakout Session with Michael Chamblain)


Networking and Overseas Professional Basketball Divisions

Pro Speak for Athletes

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